5 Ways to Tell if your Man is Gay or Bi


It is my opinion that if society truly didn’t care who you slept with, if there was no religious or macho guilt, conservatively half the men on the earth would be at least bi. That’s just been my experience. (Though, I’m thinking it could be a lot higher percentage than that).

Here are 5 ways, from my experience, to tell if your man might be gay or bi:

  1. If they are online or reading way too many “muscle magazines” and yet they hardly spend anytime at the gym.
  2. If they say things like, “Man! If I were a girl, I’d fuck that.”
  3. If they gasp when they see Chris Hemsworth on screen with his shirt off.
  4. If they get very affectionate with their guy friends when they get drunk.
  5. If they’re running through girls they date like water.

Of course, there are exceptions and maybe these might be considered stereotypes but from my experience, these 5 points are pretty right on.


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