Ask Jamie: Love Advice #1

I thought it would be fun to give love advice since most of my friends always come to me to ask me. I’ve changed the names and details to protect the innocent but these are real questions I have received. If you have something you’d like love advice about, email me or tweet it to me and I just might answer it!

Dear Jamie,
I’m so pissed. My ex and I broke up almost a year ago and he’s already going out with someone else. And that’s all fine but he came to my door drunk one night and suggested that we have “one for the road”. I’m ashamed to say, yes, I went there. Do you think I should feel bad about it?

Horny for my Ex

Dear Horny for my Ex,
That’s a tough one. I know what it’s like to still feel attracted to someone you broke up with a long time ago, especially if there are unresolved issues. But there’s a reason you broke up with them. You have to remind yourself of that and if you think that you can roll around in the hay with them without those old feelings stirring up and you won’t open up another can of worms, then sure, why not? But be warned: it’s not easy. And you don’t want to find yourself back in the same place you were when you first broke up. (Use a condom. Lord knows where he’s dipped that dick of his, though!)


One thought on “Ask Jamie: Love Advice #1

  1. I don’t think you should feel bad for having sex with an ex. Yes they’re an ex for a reason but if you want some get it. It is up to you not to catch feelings. Why feel bad, you did it because you wanted to.

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