Ask Jamie: Love Advice #2

I’m here to answer your love questions. Here’s one I received. The names and details are changed to protect the innocent.

Dear Jamie Lake,
My boyfriend just lost his mother and he’s been in a deep depression for a long time. I try to talk to him. I try to get him to open up and know I’m there for him but he keeps shutting me out of his life. What should I do?

Confused Boyfriend

Dear Confused Boyfriend,
That’s a good question. You just want to help someone who’s in a funk, especially over something so serious. That shows how big of a heart you have. That said, leave him alone. Yes, Leave. Him. Alone. Men often go into their caves when they’re upset. That’s how they process things. Let him know whenever he’s ready (not when you’re ready) you’ll be there for him but don’t push or you might push him away. Hope this helps!


If you have something you’d like love advice about, email me or tweet it to me and I just might answer it!

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