Should you Get a Sugar Daddy?

No matter how independent you are, there is a part of many of us that would love to have prince charming swoop down and pay all our bills. Having been presented with that opportunity a fair amount of times, I can tell you the pros and cons of it.

One day, many years ago, I met someone online who turned out to be a multimillionaire. He was the sweetest guy and our first date, he took me back to his mini-mansion and said, “You see all this? This can be yours if you want.” I didn’t appreciate how great of an opportunity that could have been for me at the time and I cringe at how our mini-relationship ended but he was the sweetest most wonderful guy. One day, I’ll write about it. I’ve also dated a number of successful people who were incredibly cheap. Who were so paranoid people only liked them for their money that you’d be lucky if they paid for dinner. Not fun.

I also know what it’s like to be a sugar daddy in a sense. To have the freedom and ability to be incredibly generous and shower someone you love with gifts. But you have to be careful because sometimes the ungrateful ones become spoiled and rather than appreciate it, come to expect the gifts. That’s not fun either.

What about you, if you could have a sugar daddy, would you?

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