Why Women Love Gay Romance So Much

Manuel Lopez fucks Goran on gay porn site Stag Homme

95% of my readers are hot women all over the world that can’t get themselves enough m/m action. Why? I asked myself. At first, when I began writing, I thought that most of my audience would be men. And then I thought, well, what’s hotter than two hot men together going at it? Also, I’m a sucker for a guy who’s tough on the outside but soft and sensitive on the inside, especially one that has difficulty communicating that but you can sense it. Aww! That gets me every time. I guess that’s why I’ve more than not dated those types. I’ve been with the same guy for almost 5 years now and he’s very macho on the outside, a deep baritone voice, facial hair, (you know the type) but he’s super sensitive and sweet and has a heart of gold.

Why do you think women love gay romance so much? Please, comment below.

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