Interview with Author Garrett Leigh


Garrett Leigh is best known for her novels Slide and Only Love. She has a way of creating emotional stories that draw readers in. Her ability to give life to characters will keep the pages turning!

What drew you towards writing m/m fiction?

Nothing in particular. I’d have happily written HET if I’d sat down to write and found a female voice within me. That hasn’t happened…yet, but if it did, I’d be totally fine with it.

That being said, I do find the dynamic, sexual and otherwise, between two men enchanting.

How did your career start? How did you grow your fan base to be so humongous?

Haha! I don’t know about humongous, but I’m very lucky to have a loyal band of followers. And my career started at Dreamspinner Press with Slide. It’s been a crazy year!

What is it like working on covers for publishing houses and independent authors?

It has its moments! And they are very different experiences. Publishing houses know what they want…have a certain look/brand I need to adhere to. Indie authors are generally a little more maverick, which has its pros and cons. Sometimes an author’s imagination is waaaaay bigger than their budget, but on the flip side, that can be awesome because it allows me to try new things.

Is there anyone you’d never want to discover you write m/m fiction? How do you think they’d respond?

Nah, I’m good. My dad doesn’t know, but he will…one day. I keep my identity a secret for convenience, and my kids. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if it came out.

What inspired you to write Slide? Did you have to do a lot of research?

Slide was a compulsion. Most of my research centred around Pete’s paramedic work.

Why do you think so many women love to read m/m?

I don’t much care who has what in their pants.

What was it like creating Sergeant Jed Cooper and his relationship with Max O’Dair?

Jed’s story is very old. Poor bloke was on the backburner for a long time before Max came to me. Jed was so…Jed, I knew his eventual partner had to be someone very special, and I think we got that in Max. Jed needed someone vibrant and warm, someone who saw his grief for what it was, and understood him in a truly holistic way. Jed needed to heal, and Max needed to be the one who helped him. In the end, I think they healed each other.

Any current projects?

Lots. Always. I have two WIPs on the go at the moment, which is unusual for me. I try to stick to one project at a time, but this just kinda happened.

Tell me about your writing process. How do you start? Do you rewrite to death? Do you outline?

The process evolves and regresses with every book, but whatever plans I make each and every project always descends into tortured chaos at some point.

How long does it typically take you to write a novel? 

2-3 months.

What was it like writing Bullet? What about Levi Ramone?

Bullet was an accident. I wrote some filth as a palette cleanser after the Roads series and it turned into a series. But I remain totally in love with Levi Ramone. He’ll be back. I promise.

Any advice for those thinking about writing gay romance? What advice do you have for those who are trying to build an audience from scratch?

Don’t think. Just write. And be nice. No one wants to follow a wanker.

Jamie Lake is the author of Bad Boy: Naughty at Night and other m/m gay romance novels.


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