A Sexy Excerpt from Bad Boy – Part 5

Peter needed to make this special for Chip.  He needed to take his mind off his sad memories and the current situation.  He knew that intimacy, that love and affection was what he needed.  It would help them both relax, reaffirm how they felt about each other.  Peter told Chip to wait for him in the bedroom.  He had something spectacular planned.

He pushed the door open with his foot, his arms full.  Chip was on the bed, stripped down, his body looking so delicious and irresistible.  Chip raised up on his elbows and cocked a brow at Peter.

“What have you got there?” he asked curiously.

“Just lay back and relax,” Peter said, nudging the door closed behind him.  He approached the bed and dumped his supplies at the foot, surveying his prize:  Chip.

He took the jar of strawberry sauce and got up on the bed.  He didn’t care that this would make a mess.  He wanted to make a mess.  Slowly, deliberately, he pushed Chip’s strong, muscular thighs apart.  He popped the lid off and drizzled the sauce all over his balls until it dripped down the crack of his ass.  Chip gasped at the cool, sticky sensation.

Peter wasn’t finished.

Next, came the chocolate sauce.  He had a sweet tooth and he couldn’t think of anything better than making a sundae out of his man’s gorgeous, tight ass.  Slowly, he squeezed the chocolate sauce in between Chip’s cheeks and up to his balls.  Then, his cock.  It looked so good that Peter’s mouth watered.  He could barely contain his anticipation.  Truth be told, he wanted to fuck him right then and there, but this wasn’t about him.  This was all about Chip.

Peter’s cock twitched and grew hard at the naughty, delicious sight before him.  But no sundae was complete without whipped cream.  He pushed down on the nozzle and topped the head of Chip’s cock with a generous cloud of fluffy whipped cream.

Chip laughed, low and sultry, clearly amused and delighted.  “This is gonna make a damned mess,” he scolded.

“Hush.  I’ll lick up every.single.drop,” Peter said, making sure to stress each word so that Chip knew he meant business.

He meant it too and decided there was no time better than the present to start.  Laying on his stomach, his palms pressed to the insides of Chip’s thighs to keep them wide and spread, Peter extended his tongue.  He flicked the wet muscle over his rim, then lapped up and down the crack of his ass, putting a lot of pressure behind the laps of his tongue and going agonizingly slow.   He licked up all the sugary sweet syrup and strawberry, cleaning him with his tongue.  It wasn’t enough for him.  He closed his lips around his pucker and suckled and slurped.  Chip writhed under him, rocking his hips, his cock growing harder by every moment.  It made his lover groan.

But he wasn’t anywhere near being done.  Once again, through the tight seal of his suckling mouth, he extended his long tongue.  He pushed, pressed, until he popped past the tight ring of muscle of his ass until he entered his velvety tunnel.  Once inside, Peter wriggled his tongue, tasting his rim, worshipping his ass.

Chip’s cock throbbed visibly, precum beading at the whipped cream topped head and drooling down the underside of his shaft.  Peter wanted all of that big, hard dick in his mouth, but he was determined to really take his time.  Deeper and deeper he pushed his tongue inside Chip.  He slid it in and out and wriggled it all around until Chip trembled and cried out loudly.  Peter teased his tongue in and out until he laved it between his cheeks again, getting every drop of sticky sweets just like he promised he would.  The only mess he wanted on the bed was their sweat and cum.

Chip’s cock needed his attention badly.  His lover had his hands fisted in the sheets and was hissing sharp, panting breaths between his clenched teeth.  He wouldn’t deny him any longer.  Peter dipped his head down and took the fat, broad head of Chip’s cock between his lips and rapidly flicked his tongue over it, cleaning off all the whipped cream.  The sweet, rich taste of the whipped cream went with the salty precum perfectly.  It made Peter so hard knowing how much he turned Chip on.

To read the rest, go here: http://www.bit.ly/JAMIELAKEBOOKS 


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