Interview with Blogger Sandy

Sandy helps run The Reading Cafe with her friend, where they post their love of all things book. Her blog is full of reviews and interviews, among other great posts. If you’re looking for a site where there is plenty to look through, I suggest checking it out.

Tell us a little about you and your blog. Where can we find it?

Hi everyone. My name is Sandy, and along with my friend Barb, we are the
co-owners and co-administrator of the online book review website The
Reading Cafe.
You can locate us at :
As well as book reviews, we also interview authors, cover models and
people behind the scenes; we offer promotions; cover reveals; breaking
news; blog tour;giveaways;guest posts; and some editorial vents 😉
As of August 2014, our site membership stands at 4,480: Twitter Followers
2,210; Facebook Likes  2,630.  As part of our promotions we post to
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn (Sandy only).
Personally, I am a married, mother of two who was forced to retire all too
early when the business for which I worked was bought out then broken
apart by a big name company. I spend several hours daily working behind
the scenes  on The Reading Cafe including posts, social media, writing
reviews, writing interviews, searching out news worthy information and
contacting authors etc….and let’s not even get started about the number
of books I have to read 😉

How often are m/m reviews posted?

Because we are a site that does not specifically cater to m/m storylines,
our m/m reviews are sporadic or few and far between.  There are only two
of us who read and review m/m or gay storylines. We may hit upon a book
through a request or recommendation, or we discover the book/author on our
own. My most recent m/m read was found in an anthology.

Why are you passionate about reading and reviewing m/m books?

I enjoy the m/m books because of the fantasy aspect-something different
than the usual romance or my life experiences. By fantasy, I am not
referring to otherwordly but fantasy of the mind. Like many readers, I
tend to put myself into the storyline to experience the emotions and
action but with m/m stories the experience is unique for me as a woman. As
a reader, I understand the emotional roller coaster and the idea of
falling in love with a HEA-everyone deserves and wants a HEA.

How long ago did you start blogging?

We (Barb and I) first started reviewing for another blog but due to some
issues, we ventured off on our own and officially started The Reading Cafe
in February 2012.

Many of my readers love reading m/m blogs but what makes yours unique compared to others?

I am not sure if we are unique to the world of m/m blogs because we do not
specifically cater to m/m stories but we do offer a wide variety of posts
that everyone can enjoy.

What are some of the best m/m books that you’ve read all year?

I am not sure what, if any, I have read this year but I love Donya Lynne’s
AKM (All The King’s Men) series which features a gay couple.
Sean Kennedy’s Tigers and Devils series is a sweet, romantic series  where
the sex is mostly implied.
Freeing by E.K. Blair is another book that featured a m/m romance
storyline as part of her Fading series.
A number of the stories I have read this year have featured m/m couples
but have not necessarily focused on one particular couple. I have read
close to 400 books  so far in 2014 and I am having a difficult time trying
to recall for you any specific authors or books  …lol

What would you like to see more of in m/m literature that you don’t see now?

Honesty in the sex department. I find that sex scenes, where the receiver
(man or woman)isn’t prepared or lubricated for insertion, are not
necessarily true to nature. I read a book last year by a best selling
author who is not known for m/m storylines but this particular book
focused on a gay couple. There was never any preparation or foreplay, and
I could only imagine the pain …..I want some reality with my

Do your readers prefer excerpts, interviews, cover reveals or reviews?

Our readers at The Reading Cafe LOVE giveaways and interviews.  Reviews,
of course, are our staple. Readers want to know about the books before
they buy. We offer buy links with all of our reviews.
As for cover reveals, we post once to twice monthly a ‘mass cover
reveal’-sometimes up to 25 covers for upcoming releases. This is one of
our most popular posts because readers can see if their favorite authors
have anything due in the next six to twelve months. Honestly, most people
do judge a book by the cover-first impressions always count- and we get
quite a number of comments about the covers.

Thank you Jamie for the interview questions. Best of luck with your
writing career.

Jamie Lake is the author of Bad Boy: Naughty at Night and other m/m gay romance novels.


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