A Sexy Excerpt from — Me & My Boyfriend by Jamie Lake


Me & His Brother - by Jamie Lake Me & His Brother – by Jamie Lake

Even though I wasn’t facing Jesse, I could sense his eyes on me and I knew he was watching me undress. I stepped out of my pants. I was wearing tighty-whitey underwear, the type that rode just above my rump – and that was all I was wearing now. There was something exciting about undressing, right here in the open woods, with the fresh air blowing on my almost-naked body. There was something about knowing that behind me was an amazingly hot man eyeing my body up and down—something both thrilling and terrifying. I bent over to pull the pants off of my legs, and then suddenly, all in a rush, Jesse came up behind me, yanking my boxers off and down so fast, I almost tumbled over forward into the dirt.
But, before I could fall, he caught me. Kneeling in…

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