A Sexy Excerpt from — Me & My Boyfriend by Jamie Lake

Me & His Brother - by Jamie Lake

Me & His Brother – by Jamie Lake

Even though I wasn’t facing Jesse, I could sense his eyes on me and I knew he was watching me undress. I stepped out of my pants. I was wearing tighty-whitey underwear, the type that rode just above my rump – and that was all I was wearing now. There was something exciting about undressing, right here in the open woods, with the fresh air blowing on my almost-naked body. There was something about knowing that behind me was an amazingly hot man eyeing my body up and down—something both thrilling and terrifying. I bent over to pull the pants off of my legs, and then suddenly, all in a rush, Jesse came up behind me, yanking my underwear off and down so fast, I almost tumbled over forward into the dirt.
But, before I could fall, he caught me. Kneeling in the dirt behind me, he began thrusting my cheeks into his warm wet mouth. I knew I should have stopped him, I knew it was wrong. He’s your boyfriend’s brother! a voice in my head tried to chastise me. But I couldn’t help myself. The sensations of unexpected pleasure shooting through me were just too overwhelming. The sexual tension had been building up between us since that first moment I saw him kneeling on the kitchen floor putting those tools down, and now he was kneeling behind me. I moaned loudly, arching my back and pressing more of my ass against his face. Those big, strong rancher’s hands of his sank into my skin, pulling my cheeks more widely apart. His slick, wet long tongue circled around my puckered hole and I shivered. It had been a long time since someone had rimmed me and I had forgotten how good it felt.
He got my ass all nice and wet, slurping and sucking, teasing with little flicks of his tongue against my rim. All thoughts of this being taboo and wrong—anyone could see you out here! You have a boyfriend! This is a complete betrayal of Calvin! –fled as he expertly ate my ass. This wasn’t his first time, that was obvious from the way he massaged each ridge of my hole like he’d done it a hundred times before. The powerful muscle of his tongue slid into my hole, wriggling inside deep. I gasped, reaching back to help him spread the cheeks of my ass, surrendering completely to this forbidden act. I wanted this gorgeous man so badly, I had been hungering for his touch since the first second I saw him, and I wanted to be open wide for his tongue.
My cock stood at attention out in the open air, throbbing and aching. I needed more than just his tongue, but decided to let the torture continue just a little while longer, knowing that the longer I held out, the more mind-blowing the release would be. It felt so good, so deliciously naughty. I could feel his hot breath puff against my ass as he jabbed his tongue in and out repeatedly.


an excerpt of Me & His Brother – a new m/m erotic short novel by Jamie Lake

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