Sexy Excerpt from — Do Me, Tonight by Jamie Lake

Do Me, Tonight by Jamie Lake

Do Me, Tonight by Jamie Lake

“Dear Lord,” Zack began to pray, his bulky chest rising and falling as he spoke, he was such a gorgeous man, the way his lips moved as he spoke so full, thick and delicious, “We come together at this table, this fine family and I, to give you thanks for your many blessings …”

That’s when I noticed his thumb rubbing against my thigh, his fingers trailing along the hem of my shorts, teasing up and inside before skimming over and in between my legs.  The sensation gave me an instant hard-on. My cock sprang to attention, rock-hard and aching all over again.  The muscles in my thighs twitched and I tried to hold my breath afraid if I did anything my parents would notice, but their eyes were too tightly closed in reverence. They seemed to be almost mesmerized by his voice as he prayed while his hands did what every skilled man’s hands should do, making me feel good.

They slid up and down my leg, in between my thighs, gliding over my hardening cock  and back down the other side, then rolled under my thigh tracing along my shaft and balls where he gave them a flick that made me bite my lip.  He knew just how to touch me, as if he were reading my mind.  My cock was the hardest it had ever been, drooling precum from the tip as I tried to sit perfectly still, as I tried not to moan and buck my hips up against these teasing touches.  I hated him a little then, picking this moment to torture me.  But the torture was so delicious, so perfect and I wanted more.

He massaged my balls under my denim jeans firmly, kneading them between his index finger and thumb, his hand carefully hidden by the table cloth, my parents had no clue what was going on right under their noses.  It somehow made it all the more erotic.  Naughty.  I bit my bottom lip as his fingers slicked over the wet head of my dick.  He swirled the drop of pre-cum that had gathered there.  He seemed to relish it, worshiping me with soft, teasing touches that practically had me panting like a dog.

Our small kitchen was already warm, the smell of fresh baked bread and dinner a delicious concoction.  But now that Zack tormented me, it was positively sultry in there.  Sweat pooled at the small of my back and ran down my neck.   I needed more, I needed friction.  Unable to keep from it, a tiny whimper bubbled past my trembling lips.  Thankfully, my parents were still too enamored and under the spell of his rough voice to notice.

My cock was growing harder and longer and his hand didn’t ignore it, it encouraged it, stroked it from the base all the way to the very tip of my head where he flicked it with his thumb. My eyes rolled back.  It was too much. I felt like I was losing my mind. If only he’d stroke me harder, more quickly.  I wanted to cum, in moments, I’d be begging him.  I was so dizzy and hot, so needy.  I grabbed hold of the tablecloth and that’s when his prayer ended, abruptly as it’d begun.

“Amen,” his voice said as he raised his head and gave me a smirk.

My parents lifted their heads and smiled.

“Well, that was just beautiful,” my mother said.


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