A Sexy Excerpt from Tropical Heat – a Quickie by Jamie Lake & Sibley Jackson

Tropical Heat by Jamie Lake & Sibley Jackson

Tropical Heat by Jamie Lake & Sibley Jackson

This is an excerpt from Jamie Lake’s first co-written book with new M/M author, Sibley Jackson.

“Tell me you don’t love me,” Ryan demanded.

Taylor couldn’t stay strong if he continued to look at Ryan’s sensual masculine face, his hungry eyes. He pulled his gaze away. Why had he ever thought he should come here? Forget about the wolves den; this was more like the lion’s den. He only wanted to break off their long-distance, secret relationship, and end it for good. He had been determined to tell Ryan it was over, so he could repair what was left of his relationship with Dave. He’d believed that, with a little luck, there might still be a way to  build it back up. Their partnership would never be what it used to be, but Taylor had repeatedly told himself he was okay with that.

After seeing Ryan, after being on the receiving end of his kisses, his touches, his love, he knew everything he had told himself was a lie. There was no denying it.

A sexy smirk spread across Ryan’s face. “Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Taylor tried to walk away but Ryan pushed him face-first against the wall and yanked his pants down so his bare ass was showing. Taylor should have known to wear underwear today of all days. After all, Ryan knew he usually went commando.

Ryan jangled his belt hook, freeing his springing cock. Pushing up against Taylor’s buttocks, he let his long, thick tool do some talking of its own. Taylor’s soft, groaning response to the feel of Ryan’s cock spoke whatever language Ryan’s cock was speaking. He bit Taylor’s neck, right in the spot where he knew the man loved it. Another groan. Taylor’s back arched, moving his ass even closer to the cock pressed in the crease of his two gloriously firm, rounded ass cheeks.

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