Interview With M/M Blog Owner Nic and Reviewer Robyn

CaptureI’m excited to tell everyone today I’m interviewing the naughty yet nice blog owner Nic and reviewer Robyn from Two Men Are Better Than One. As what the name of their blog suggest, they run a unique and intimate m/m review site I’m pretty sure fans of the genre will love. If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource that features reviews of the best m/m reads out there, I highly recommend you check their blog out. I assure you, you’ll love it!

Tell us about you and your gay romance blog. Where can we read it?

Because Two Men Are Better Than One can be found at It is a blog purely focused on m/m romance because that’s the genre we read and love. The blog started in June 2013 so has been around for nearly 18 months now. There are two of us running the blog – Nic and Robyn.

What got you started as a m/m blogger or reviewer?

Nic: I stumbled across m/m romance while on Goodreads and developed an obsession with the genre, devouring multiple books each week. I started leaving short reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, as a way of recording my thoughts on the books I’d read, and it escalated from there. I was posting so many reviews in a week, it seemed to make sense to start a blog.

Robyn: Nic and I met onGoodreads due to our common love of m/m romance. As the blog was getting busier and busier, she asked if I wanted to come on board. So six months ago I joined in the fun.

Why are you passionate about reading and reviewing m/m books?

Nic: I’m passionate about reading m/m romance because I love the books. It’s as simple as that. Here are so many wonderful authors who bring such fabulous characters and stories to life (my TBR is huge! J) Reviewing started as being a way of sharing what I love and spreading the word. I wanted to let others know about the genre and the wide range of books available. It’s one of the reasons the blog only posts reviewers over 3 stars – we are about promoting what we think our followers would like to read, not pointing out what we didn’t like. By promoting the genre I’m also hoping to promote understanding and acceptance of the wonderful relationships portrayed in the books.

Many of my readers love reading m/m blogs but what makes yours unique compared to others?

Nic: That’s a difficult question. I’m not so sure we are totally unique. Like many other blogs in the genre, we post reviews, interviews, giveaways, guest posts and promos. However, we are changing, something I hope our followers will appreciate.

Blogging and reviewing does take time and commitment. When reviewing books, authors and publishers deserve our full focus. Ideally books should be turned around as quickly as possible with quality reviews and it all takes a lot of coordination when you have a number of publishers, a team of reviewers and direct contacts from authors to manage. I admire the larger sites that manage to keep all the ball in the air – well done and your hard work is appreciated. I personally visit lots of those sites to check out reviews.

As real life started to interfere with the time we could devote to the blog, we have stepped back from the reviewing side of the blog, to focus on a slightly different approach.Moving forward, the blog will evolve into a site that is still about m/m romance but with more unique content from our favourite authors – more guest posts and interviews.

Robyn: To add to what Nic said, we’re really open to feedback from our followers on what they’d like to see. We have some authors who have expressed interest in doing regular posts. And it would be fun to see some posts from the other side of the fence – maybe some readers would like to share their experiences? We hope so.

Define success as a m/m blogger and reviewer.

Robyn: Success for us is in spreading the word and having fun while doing so. It’s great to meet new people, whether they are authors, publishers or readers. We love to interact with blog followers and read the comments they leave.

There is an element of wanting to maximize visitors, views and clicks – after all, our authors are hoping for sales of the books we are recommending – but it’s not a business for us. It’s about doing something we enjoy.

What are some of the best m/m books you’ve read this year?

Nic: Oh gosh, I think this might be the toughest question of the lot. Too many to choose from! Off the top of my head: Tequila Mockingbird by Rhys Ford, All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes, Broken Pieces by Riley Hart, Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet…

Robyn: The stand outs for 2014 for me are: Red Dirt Heart series by N.R. Walker, Falling For Ramos by Sue Brown, Enough by Matthew J Metzger and What You Own by A.M. Arthur.

What advice can you give to aspiring m/m reviewers and bloggers?

Nic: Mainly, you need to love what you do. If it’s a chore, it will come through in the frequency and content (or lack thereof) of your posts. If you have the passion to read and review then give it a go. Just make sure your reviews are honest, from the heart and respectful. Have fun!

Robyn: You need to be dedicated. It’s a lot of work for very little reward. Yes, you get a free books to review but there’s a lot of work that goes into it. Some blog fold because the owners don’t realize how much work there is to do and they end up not being bothered. You need to be dedicated and passionate.

Jamie Lake is the author of Bad Boy: Naughty at Night and other m/m gay romance novels.



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