A New Sexy Excerpt from The Priest & Me — Jamie Lake’s Newest Quickie

The Priest & Me by Jamie Lake

The Priest & Me by Jamie Lake

“Tell me, son,” Father Gregory said, composing himself behind the confessional booth. They were both shrouded in secrecy, shrouded from the judging eyes and ears of the cathedral.

“I’ve had dirty thoughts,” the sexy man told him, his voice vibrating the confessional booth in a way that turned Father Gregory on. Grateful the cathedral was nearly empty except for Sister Mary Gertrude, a 90-year-old nun who couldn’t hear anyway even if she wanted to.

“What kind of dirty thoughts,” he felt himself compelled to ask as his hand intuitively reached his crotch.

“There’s this man, someone I’ve been watching,” the sexy man said. “I’m very attracted to him, but I don’t know if he’s attracted to me.”

So, he was attracted to me too? Father Gregory thought to himself. He knew the internal battles he must be going through, but the Father also knew his duty to help steer the man according to the church’s teachings.

“How do you know you’re attracted to him, my son?” Father Gregory asked, feeling an instant connection. He knew exactly how the man felt; the fight to suppress the feeling, then the wonder if the man felt the same, if the risk was worth the possible broken heart.

“Cause every time I see him, I get … ,” he answered. It was so quiet in the booth; Father Gregory could hear him swallow.

“Excited?” he asked, wanting, needing to hear more as his cock started to swell.

“Yes, Father. He does things … to my body, I become erect. I become hard, my cock … I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, go on,” Father Gregory encouraged, wanting to hear more.

“My penis … You see, father?  I’m rather large down there and … it’s been difficult finding someone who … Who can handle it.”

“How large?” he asked.

“About 10 inches, Father,” the sexy man said with confidence and a twinge of shame.

Father Gregory’s own cock was growing larger, and though he fought the urge, he couldn’t help but slide his hand over to it.  Gripping it, squeezing it, he slid his fingers up and down as the sexy man spoke.

“That’s rather large,” Father Gregory swallowed.

“Most of the time, I have to please myself and I know it’s wrong but-” he started to say.

“No, only the Lord can judge,” Father Gregory said, “Go on, my son, tell me more about this … problem you have and this man.”



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