Hot! Hot! Hot! Excerpt from “What Happens in Rome … Just Don’t Tell My Boyfriend” — New Quickie by Jamie Lake

What Happens in Rome by Jamie Lake

What Happens in Rome by Jamie Lake

“If I had you as a boyfriend, I’d be jealous too. I mean, I’d keep you by my side at all times,” his sexy Italian personal assistant, Fabrizio said as he drove down the streets of Rome.

Jordan blushed. Was Fabrizio flirting with him or was he just being polite? Just the possibility of it made his cock swell a little. He really needed to get laid and fast before he got himself in trouble. Good luck with him getting any from his boyfriend Bryan, he hadn’t spread his legs for him in months.  He had to stop reading into it. Fabrizio was probably just being nice but then again, Jordan had heard how liberal and fluid European men were about sexuality and he often wondered if that was true.

“Well, thank you,”  Jordan answered, though he was keeping his questions and comments to himself. He knew asking what he really wanted to ask could only open a can of worms that he needed not dip into. So he leaned back a little and rolled down the window slightly. It was getting too hot in here, and he had a feeling, it wasn’t coming from the weather.

“Anytime,” Fabrizio said patting Jordan on the thigh awfully close to his cock. Fuck, Jordan was getting an instant hard-on. Why here? Why now?

Cold thoughts, cold thoughts, Jordan thought to himself. It was probably just an innocent remark, an innocent gesture, Jordan kept telling himself, maybe it was an Italian thing.

But as he looked out the window at all the buildings whizzing by, Jordan couldn’t help but ask, “Is it true European guys are more …. open-minded?”

“What do you mean?” Fabrizio asked with that sexy look on his face. It was a dumb question; Jordan thought. He knew he shouldn’t go any further with it, but he felt compelled to.

“You know more … like in America, guys are usually with women-only or men-only. I mean, you get some bi guys, but not like-”

“Oh, yeah, here? I mean, people don’t talk about it but who hasn’t sucked a cock before?” Fabrizio said nonchalantly.

Fuck, Jordan thought. He had to rest his arms on his crotch to hide the stiffy that was becoming so big it would be unmistakable in seconds.



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