Play Reading Bingo to Improve Your Reading Habits

There are some people who spend days immersed in a good book, while others have a hard time consuming two chapters in one sitting. Becoming a bookworm takes practice and a bit of guidance, and what better way to keep you motivated than by playing a game of Reading Bingo?

Now you might be asking yourself how a game of bingo is supposed to motivate you to pick up a novel over playing your favorite game on your smartphone. Typically, the lottery-style game is used to teach a variety of subjects in school, but parents have also discovered that the visual achievement aspect of bingo has successfully gotten their kids more excited about books. And the great thing about this kind of bingo games is that it can be easily be adjusted to age-appropriate novels, so there’s really no reason why Reading Bingo wouldn’t be just as effective for adults as it is for kids.

With so many people in and out of the classroom using bingo as a strategy to encourage better reading habits, it really goes to show how powerful a simple game can be in building a stronger appreciation for books. Although book-inspired bingo games aren’t quite as common as movie- or TV-branded ones, like the examples showcased on Gala Bingo in the form of popular titles such as Deal or No Deal and Coronation St., bingo lends itself to so many themes that the game essentially has a variety of applications, from being a classroom learning tool to being a fun way of changing one’s lifestyle. And in this case, the game will help you discover a love for reading that you never knew you had.

In the last couple of years, Penguin Random House Canada released several versions of Reading Bingo, but unless you’d like to dive into YA or Canadian novels, it’s probably best to start off with the generic Reading Bingo card.

Happy reading!


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