more speed writing tips

The more I test speed writing, the more refined the process becomes. So, I decided to share what I’ve learned so far since my system has improved.

my process

  1. First, plot the story only a few scenes at a time. A sentence or two is fine.
  2. Then, brainstorm answers to the following question: “What would make me root for this character to succeed?”
  3. Based on that list, write the scene but only the dialogue.
  4. Fix any story problems while it’s only dialogue. It speeds up the story editing process rather than going through thousands of words at a time.  Do only a few scenes at a time to feel yourself through it.
  5. Then, embellish the details a few scenes at a time. The dialogue-only scenes are only hypothetical until you add the details
  6. Do 8-second paragraphs. The average reader reads 200 words per minute.  But the average attention span is 8 seconds.  This means you must do something to get and keep their attention every 8 seconds or in other words, every 25 words. That’s why I keep my paragraphs no longer than 24 words.
  7. Every 24 words ask yourself “Does this paragraph make us root for the character?” Do that on every 8-second paragraph and the reader will continue to root for the character and the story will keep their attention.
  8. Last, copyedit the paragraphs, run it through any automated process such as Grammarly or Autocrit or send it to your beta readers, professional copy editor and/or proofreader.

Combine this with Pomodoro sprints and you’re on to finishing a solid draft in no town.