Author R.D. Barucco is ‘Sexed’


When such a handsome man asks you to tell your readers about his hot new gay romance, how can you resist? Author R.D. Barucco is the author of Sexed, a stimulating new gay romance that is sure to have tongues wagging. I had the opportunity to ask him all about this new story and his process.

What’s your book about?

Sexed describes the experience of Luke, a man struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors. Luke decides to join a support group for people with the same problem. The story takes the readers on a journey into Luke’s mind.


How is it different than other gay romances?

Sexed is about passion, intimacy, attachment, love, and, of course, sex. But Sexed is also about loss, trauma, despair, and loneliness.

The main difference is that Sexed starts where the romance ends.


Sexed CoverI loved your trailer. What made you think of doing one?

I like words, and I like images. The trailer, a promotional tool, became a challenge for me: I wanted to describe with images the essence of my novel. The video contains a passage from the book. My best friend, a talented musician, wrote the music for the soundtrack. I produced the trailer.


What is your writing process?

The first step is to think about the core of the story: what am I trying to say?

The second step is to decide whether what I want to say is interesting.

Then I collect information: I read and read, I talk to people. Before writing Sexed, I interviewed nine men and two women who had direct experience with compulsive sexual behaviors.

When I hear, see or feel something interesting, I write it down. I am constantly taking notes on my phone.


Do you outline first?

I do, but for me the outline is a plastic framework.


How long did it take for you to write this book?

About ten months.


Now for the personal questions: Are you single or chained?

That’s an interesting choice of words! I have a boyfriend. His name is Eric.


What in your personal life did you infuse in this story?

Like Luke, I tend to think about the past while interpreting the present. Luke is introspective to a fault, and so am I. The recklessness of my 20s is in Brian. My compassion is in Paula. New York City, Sexed‘s silent character, is the love of my life.


Tell us about one of the best times you ever had in bed? What made it so amazing? (And don’t skip any details)

Several readers thought Sexed was a memoir. It’s not. For some reason, I find it difficult to describe sexual experiences.

That said, I will share what I think is the fundamental component of a fulfilling sex encounter. More than physical attraction, even more than love, I believe that it is an authentic clarity about our desires and the willingness to share that awareness with our sex partners that makes sex amazing.


The book sounds great. Where can we get it?

Sexed is available at most retailers in ebook and paperback formats. Check here for details.